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Dual Sensitive Isolator
(Article No.: R12060A; R12140A/R24100A; R12140B/R24100B; R12140B-T; R12140C-1/R12140C-2)

Q. How to select a suitable battery isolator?
A. You need to know two key specifications, they are voltage and current. The voltage of vehicle battery, normally it is 12V or 24V. The output current from generator to vehicle battery, normally it is around 70Amp.

Q. When does my isolator work?
A. It depends on the cut-in voltage of your isolator (normally 13.3VDC or 13.7VDC), When the isolator inducts that the voltage of battery is up to cut-in voltage, it will engage.

Q. What are applications of the isolator?
A. Our battery isolator is suitable for RV, off-road, marine and other special vehicles which have lots of electronic equipment.

Q. How to mount the isolator?
A. It is very easy to install, no need to change the original automobile wiring.

Q. Why my isolator engages and disengages repeatedly?
A. To avoid this problem, we add delay function. If you still meet this problem during your using, please confirm that whether those parts are matching with our isolator. Those parts are the power of generator, the capacity of battery, the load of battery and the length of battery cable.

Low Voltage Cut Out Isolator
(Article No.: BP401; BP402; BP801)

Q. Why we need a Low Voltage Cut Out Isolator?
A. Low Voltage Cut Out Isolator can protect the battery from drain. When the battery voltage is higher than 12.8V, the isolator engages and connects battery to loads. When the battery voltage is lower than 11V, the isolator disengages.

Isolator Kits
Q. Why we need to select an isolator kit?
A. Our isolator kit includes all installation components. You do not need to purchase another one.

Q. What components are included in a isolator kit?
A. Please check in the isolator kit page.

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